English Department




English is a foreign language which must be learnt and taught at formal education starting from elementary school to higher education. There are even many elementary schools which teach English from grade I to VI. Although English is still local content, but it has become main necessity in urban and rural elementary schools. English is required to be included into curriculum of elementary school since Indonesia is establishing new civilization which is intended to be like developed contries.


As stated in Higher Education Long-Term Strategy 2003-1010, establishing future society which are able to appreciate diversity as glue for nation integration is one of main targets of higher education program besides of nation competitiveness through foundation laying for establishment of strong human resource who are able to compete in regional, national, and global levels. Indonesians must be able to master English as citizents of English speaking countries as a means of science and technology devepoment. Thus, English which is taught at formal education institution is expected to be able delivering graduates to transfer science and technology. 



Since the regulations such as PP No.19, 2005 on national Education Standard and UU No. 14, 2005 on Teacher and Lecturer which require teacher to have quality and competence standards on his/her discipline have been issued, English Department has determined to produce professional, creative, and future-vision teachers who are able to use knowledge for science and technology development as well as human resource quality improvement. Such kind of professionalism might be achieved only through Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan (LPTK) which has good image and excellence.


Meanwhile, English Department of FTTE UMM with accreditation status "B" (Good) and cummulative score 321 based on certificate from Badan Akreditasi Nasional (BAN) Perguruan Tinggi Depdiknas RI No: 039/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/S1/XI/2003, dated November 6, 2003, must develop and improve human resource in English education. In addition, English Department has excellent point: able to produce reliable English teachers and skillful in teaching English for young learners, in translation, entrepreneurship, and tourism guide. The benefits of studying at English Department are taught by native, having computerized digital laboratory, micro teaching,  drama laboratory, and other supporting systems such as American Corner (Amcor) and American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (Aminef) which are cooperation forms between UMM and American Embassy.



Becoming excellent study program in organizing English Education to develop science, technology, and arts as well as strengthen faith and taqwa to Allah SWT in order to produce graduates with good morality, high work ethic, capability, and skill so that they would be able to compete in national and international levels.



a.   Organizing qualified and professional English education with skill and personalitty which are able to meet society's need.


b.   Performing Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in order to develop science, technology, and arts as well as the implementation in society which is based on high social respinsibility by concerning the interest of nation and state.


c.   Maintaining sustainable cooperation with institution inside and outside university in order to develop education, research, and community service.


d.   Making the English Study Program as a center for information in the field of English education development and English skill based entrepreneurship




The main competence of English Department is producing English teachers with correct oral and written English ability and skill, and pedagogic, personal, professional, and social competence.


Besides, the graduates have skill in conducting Classroom Action Research and other scientific activity as a means of self development and profession as well as having ability and skill in entrepreneurship and competition in civil society.


The supporting competence of the English Department is the ability to produce graduates who have skill in translation, English for young learner teaching, foreign tourist guiding, and becoming foreign company expert staff.