Biology Department

Biology Study Program


Biology Study Program as an academic institution always think dynamically to respond changes which happen alot in scientific community and publics. Related to the issue on teacher, lecturer, and certification, Study Program reorients curriculum to ensure the competence building of students. Pedagogic competence development is conducted through educational courses group. Professional competence development is conducted through science, skill, expertise, and work behaviour courses group. Meanwhile, personal competence development is conducted through personality development courses. In addition, social competence development is conducted through living together courses. Periodic curriculum review is done to adjuct with market needs.

Monitoring activity and improvement of on going implemented curriculum are always done to respond the development of science and technology so that it would improve student's adacemic ability. Therefore, the students are expected to have high adaptability in society life in the future.

To reach the determined competence,  Biology Study Program arranges curriculum into several subject groups in which generally the groups are devided into three fields: Education, Biology, and Choice of Expertise. The elective subject group is devided into Biologi Lingkungan, Biologi Kesehatan, Bioteknologi and Biologi Pangan dan Gizi.


Becoming a leading study program in delivering biology education which is able to compete at local at national levels supported by the excellent science and technology as well as faith and taqwa in upholding scientific and Islamic insights.



a.  Organizing educational program in science and technology of education and biology, qualified Islamic and Muhammadiyah matters.

b.  Organizing research in the field of educational science, biology science and technology, Islamic and Muhammadiyah matters

c. Organizing community service based on big social responsibility with full concern on nation interest and alignment to the poor.

d.  Organizing mutual cooperation with various parties to develop science in education and biology.



Competency of Biology Study Program–FTTE UMM is: “Producing bachelors in biology education who have Islamic spirit and professional educational career, as well as master and implement biological science and technology”.

To reach the competence, students of Biology Study Program will be equipped with various sciences both theories and pratices so that they will:

a. be teachers especially in biology professionally;

b. be scientists who understand and implement research and development of science and technology; and

c. have soul and spirit of entrepreneurship by implementing and developing biology.