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Mathematics Study Program



Recognized or not, educational institution including higher education is more on producing skillful human resource than expert human resource. Therefore, every establishment of new educational institution, curriculum developed in certain educational institution, etc. are oriented to short term need fulfilment.

Era changing is so rapid to follow by an educational institution. Finally, the institution would disappear. In order not to be out of date of failed caused by globalization, there should be anticipative and active efforts instead of the reactive one. The anticipative steps have been begun in 1988 at the study program. One of the concrete forms is designing cussiculum which is relevan to the future demands and development. Thus, because the time is susceptible to the chenges such as the rapid development of science, local autonomy implementation, etc., education device must be evaluated including the curriculum.




However, the study program found in 1983 tries to provide intellectual knowledge and extra skill for their competitiveness and excellency in the global era. Knowledge and skill such as English, computer, internet and so on do not only support teachers much in their professional career, but also help them to be suceeded in entrepreneurship. The knowledge and skill are packed into one namely curriculum of Mathematics and Computation Study Program.




Making Mathematics Study Program as a leading and excellent institution in organizing higher education of mathematics and mathematics education based on faith to God in order to build scientific and Islamic insights.



As an academic institution at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Mathematics study program has the following mission:

a.  Organizing Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi program to produce qualified graduates in mathematics education profession and guarantee the quality of the graduates who are able to follow development and develop mathematics education.

b.  Performing administrative service so that students feel comfortable and satisfied and encourage them to finish programmed study.

c.  Having active role in regional, national and international level as innovative education and research institution for science and technology inventory and development of educational science.

d. Providing service for citizents through educational program designed to teach bachelors in mathematics who have professional academic skill and are able to compete regionally, nationally, and globally.


a.  Understanding and mastering Mathematics Education  

b.  Understanding and mastering pure and applied mathematics

c.  Understanding and mastering computation