Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Bank Jurnal Internasional Bidang Pendidikan dan Keilmuwan

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  2. Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
  3. Journal of Pesticide Safety Education
  4. Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation and Control
  5. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education
  6. Journal of Technology Studies
  7. Journal of Industrial Teacher Education
  8. The ALAN Review (1994 to date)
  9. Career and Technical Education Research (2005-2008)
  10. Community Services CATALYST (1991-1994)
  11. Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics (1993 to date)
  12. International Colloquium on Communication (2002 to date)
  13. Journal American Rhododendron Society (1982)
  14. Journal of Career and Technical Education (2007 to date)
  15. Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education (1995-1997)
  16. Journal of Design Communication (1998-2003)
  17. Journal of Fluids Engineering (1992-1996)
  18. Journal of Industrial Teacher Education (1994-2010)
  19. Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control (1994-1998)
  20. Journal of sTEm Teacher Education (2010 to date)
  21. Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research (1990-1998)
  22. Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education
  23. Journal of Vocational Education Research (2000-2004)
  24. Journal of Youth Services in Libraries (1995-1997)
  25. Modal Analysis: The International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis (1986-1993)
  26. Nantahala: A Review of Writing and Photography of Appalachia (2001-2003)
  27. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society (1949-1981)
  28. Reports from the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (2008 to date)
  29. Society for Philosophy and Technology (1995-1999)
  30. Techne: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (2000-2003)
  31. Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology (2003-2009)
  32. Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station Research Publications (1995-2002)
  33. Virginia Libraries (1996 to date)
  34. Virginia Tech Magazine (1990-1995), current host: (1996 to date)
  35. WILLA: Women in Literacy and Life Assembly (2001 to date)
  36. WILLA: Women in Literature and Life Assembly (1992-2000)
  37. Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (1996-2002)
  38. Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (1995 to date) [hosted 1995-1999]
  39. Journal of Pesticide Safety Education (1999-2006)
  40. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (1994 to date) [hosted 1993-1994]
  41. Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology (1996-2001)
  42. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (1996 to date) [hosted 1996-2002]
  43. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE)
  44. Life Sciences Education
  45. International Journal of Biology (IJB)
  46. International Journal of Biology Education (IJOBED)
  47. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education (IJESE)
  48. Cultural Studies of Science Education
  49. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching (JCMST)
  50. Journal of Science Education and Technology
  51. Journal of Science Teacher Education
  52. Research in Science & Technological Education
  53. Journal of Research in Science Teaching
  54. Journal of Science Teacher Education
  55. Journal of College Science Teaching.
  56. Journal of Chemical Education
  57. Journal of Geoscience Education
  58. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB)
  59. The International Electronic Journal of Health Education
  60. Advances in Physiology Education
  61. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  62. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  63. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
  64. Science Education Journals
  65. The Biologist and Journal of Biological Education.


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