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Journal Of Statistics Education Volume 18, Number 2 (July 2010)

Author : Administrator | Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010 13:22 WIB

ISSN 1069-1898



Carine A. Bellera, Marilyse Julien, and James A. Hanley
Normal Approximations to the Distributions of the Wilcoxon Statistics: Accurate to What N? Graphical Insights

Linda L. Cooper and Felice S. Shore
The Effects of Data and Graph Type on Concepts and Visualizations of Variability

Sean Duffy
Random Numbers Demonstrate the Frequency of Type I Errors: Three Spreadsheets for Class Instruction

Felicity B. Enders, Sarah Jenkins, and Verna Hoverman
Calibrated Peer Review for Interpreting Linear Regression Parameters: Results from a Graduate Course

Martin Griffiths
Maximizing a probability: A student workshop on an application of continuous distributions

Jennifer Kaplan, Diane G. Fisher, and Neal T. Rogness
Lexical Ambiguity in Statistics: How students use and define the words: association, average, confidence, random and spread

Steven D. LeMire
An Argument Framework for the Application of Null Hypothesis Statistical Testing in Support of Research

Josh Tabor
Investigating the Investigative Task: Testing for Skewness. An Investigation of Different Test Statistics and their Power to Detect Skewness

Aaron Weinberg, Emilie Wiesner, and Thomas J. Pfaff
Using Informal Inferential Reasoning to Develop Formal Concepts: Analyzing an Activity

Amanda S. Williams
Statistics Anxiety and Instructor Immediacy


Teaching Bits: A Resource for Teachers of Statistics

Audbjorg Bjornsdottir and Joan Garfield
Teaching Bits: Statistics Education Articles from 2009 and 2010

Michelle Everson and Ellen Gundlach
Teaching Bits: What's New with CAUSEweb and MERLOT?

Teaching Bits: Point-Counterpoint

Deborah J. Rumsey
Teaching Bits: Random Thoughts on Teaching. Rejoinder to "Let's Just Eliminate the Variance"

Michael M. Granaas' March 2010 Teaching Bit Response: Keep Teaching the Variance

Deborah J. Rumsey's November 2009 Teaching Bit: Random Thoughts on Teaching: Let's Just Eliminate the Variance

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